Top Destinations for Watching the Whales

A travel destination can change your mindset and can improve your health. A unique travel spot has the ability to refresh and rejuvenate its travelers. It will be a great thing if you choose a different place each time you plan to travel. 
Top destinations for Whale watching
There are about one hundred and nineteen countries all over the world that gained fame as the best places for watching the whales. Some of the popular places are:

South Atlantic: It is in South Africa and one of the most important places all over the world. Port Elizabeth, Plettenberg Bay, Algoa bay- those places are famous for whale watching here.
Southwest Atlantic: In Brazil, Argentina, PeninsulaVeldas and some other places are regarded as the best places for watching the whales.
West Pacific: Near Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, the Victoria Lake, Sydney harbor are the best places if you want to enjoy the view of the whales.
The countries like Japan, Iceland and Norway-still enjoy whale hunting but the facility of sighting the whales are available here. The United States of America, Spain, Australia, and South Africa are regarded as the best places for enjoying the view of beautiful whales. 
A few factors related to watching of whales
Whale sighting or observing whales in their natural living place is a great activity. It is commonly undertaken as a mode of recreation and, at the same time, it serves good educational and scientific purpose. This process engages a number of people and it becomes a good source of income for them. 
Being a major part of ecotourism, this process is beneficial to a certain level in keeping up the economic balance of a country. This helps in paying the tourism revenue of these countries. These natural resources are rapidly increasing in size. This industry has spread throughout the western coastal areas.
In fact, this process of watching whales possesses an important position in the developing countries. The coastal communities get profited and the whales are protected with sufficient measures.
If you are going to take up a trip for this you need to find out a place where the whales are easily available. There should be a restriction of how many boats are to be allowed in the areas where the whales prefer to roam about. It will be better if you choose a local operator, your money will be saved and you will get a good guidance to continue your trip. Do not try to bring operators who attract the whales with food as this will change the behavior of the creatures. Never get into the water with whales. This can harm yourself as well as the whales.

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